Sunday, January 17, 2010

Vernal Equinox Project: Day 17


shoreacres said...

I like the stars on the door that match the ones above the window. Such nice, folk-artish touches.

Does the meter and piping belong to the same building? They're red and blue too. Nice touch ;-)

The tree shadow's just menacing enough, like the trees in Disney's Fantasia. Seeing something like that, I'm about eight and in my parents' second floor bedroom, watching the shadows of the huge maples against the windows.

The last photo really fools the eye. I honestly can't decide - window cut in the wall? Mirror? Polished tin? A hanging painting? Photoshop? I can't decide.

Tom Parker said...

Linda -- The meter and piping belong to the building with the red painted door with blue cover. If you look at the reflection in the window, you'll see the stars on the building across the street--which happens to be a fireworks stand. It's the one you referred to with folk art touches. And the top image, well, that's a metal downspout on the local greenhouse. Water was coming off the snowmelt (and it's melting!). I worked it over very thoroughly with Adobe Lightroom.

shoreacres said...

I just looked at the last photo again and instantly thought: plywood! Yet another option.

Some of these are like Rorschach images.

Jenni said...

That top photo is striking--and such a simple subject! It's a reminder to open my eyes and find beauty in unexpected places. I'm sure I never would have thought to take a photo of that. I love the bold color of the red door and blue awning contrasted with the black and white of the wall and street. Great effect. There's also something I like about that window with the stars above it. Very simple image again, but I think it's the way you processed it with soft, warm tones giving it a vintage feel. The tree shadow pic is wonderfully spooky.

Tom Parker said...

Jenni -- Thanks. While I'd love to claim artistic vision as catalyst for finding the extraordinary in the ordinary, I must admit to the real source: Desperation as trigger. But hey, whatever works, right?