Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Vernal Equinox Project: Day 13

what I did all day, adding storage for more photos


Anonymous said...

Maybe the wild bun knows what is under it, that it is near of kin.


Kaytabug said...

I have been looking at your pictures for about a week or so now,Jenni shared your link, and I just had to tell you how amazing and beautiful they all are. I am truly in awe. I look forward to and really enjoy seeing what new treasures you will share each day.

Carol said...

The rabbit on Mr. Bun;s cairn is terrific!

shoreacres said...

Why do I have a feeling I've fallen down the rabbit hole? It's like reading a story, this cairn. One chapter, and then another and another, and then voila! The unexpected twist!

You didn't lace that cairn with carrots, now did you????????

Of course not ;-) I know better than that. Alfalfa?

Tom Parker said...

Linda -- This was one of those defining moments in a person's life. Touched with grace. No chumming with carrots or alfalfa but emotional outreach. Good vibes. Luck. Vision. Perhaps in their own way the wild rabbits create, share, sustain.

- Dan said...

Wow. Wild bun on cairn. Fantastic.
Also love the coffee steam and the bricks.