Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Back by popular demand (for Kim and Cheryl)


cheryl said...

Why is rust so danged intriguing?

There are some grand old cars in this salvage yard. Jackpot!

Tom Parker said...

Dang if I know. The different hues, I suppose. The patterns of rust and mold and weathered paint. The patina. The dulled chrome and cracked reflectors and shattered glass. The idea that at one time these cars were brand spanking new and now are relegated to the junk heap, surely an allegory for humans destined for the nursing home and then the grave. Or am I overstepping things?

Unknown said...

Ah! I'm honored . . . and appreciative! These are great. And be still my heart . . . one of those looks just like the Plymouth Fury that was my very first boat of a car.

Why do I like these so? I'm not really sure. But I can tell you I appreciate the photo of an old person who has a face that looks like it's been lived in, and a story to tell, much more than I appreciate a pretty little model in a perfect little setting. I generally try not to be too cerebral--it just doesn't work for me.