Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Winter Solstice Project: Day 39


Unknown said...

I appreciate your Day 39 photos and their design, as with most of the days. I think these could be titled Global Warming I through Global Warming X.
Gregg L.

Tom Parker said...

Greg -- Right now I could stand for some global warming, especially the localized kind. It's three degrees below zero and falling. Major bummer.
Thanks for commenting. See my announcement for a special print giveaway!

- Dan said...

I love the fact that you caught the pink snow in several pictures. I have always been amazed at the colors in the sky during the winter season in Kansas. To see those colors reflected in the snow is beautiful. This may seem like a season of dormancy, but the sky is alive with color if we bother to look up once in a while.

Tom Parker said...

Or be stupid enough to go outside when it's 20 below wind chill factor. But, thanks. I stayed inside this morning with no regrets.