Thursday, December 10, 2009


Jenni said...

It was so hard to choose just one! I narrowed it down and then had to have my son and my husband help me make the final choice. The top five for me were Day 30 truck under the motel sign, Day 27 leaves, Day 20 bicycle, Day 18 bottom photo of leaves, and Day 1 the crow. In the end, ds and dh both picked the one I really felt was my favorite, the truck from Day 30. (I just had trouble letting go of the others, especially the crow.)

What I like best about this photo is a quality I see in most of your photos. It's more of a feeling they evoke than form. It's the same feeling I get from your writing. I can't quite explain it. There's a very deep quality to both, not just pretty words and pictures but soul.

I do love the faded colors of the truck photo. You've captured the feeling of age and abandonment but kept enough color to hint at former glory of these faded and forlorn objects. It's like a romanticized memory from the past and it makes me want to sing "Glory Days".

Tom Parker said...

Jenni -- Wow, I'm thankful for your comments. (Especially after a rancorous city council meeting that left me feeling more than ever like an outsider--we've only been here 9.75 years!) I needed a boost and you gave me one. Thank you thank you thank you.

cheryl said...

Choosing a favorite? Impossible. I went back to see which one Jenni narrowed it down to, the truck - and yeah, wow, that's great with the motel sign and the contrail.

They are all gorgeous, Tom. One that keeps jumping out for me is the John Deere sign. And I like the bicycle on Day 20, too. And the IGA store on Day 26.

The cop/cemetery shots are very moving.

Tom, your photos are every bit about emotion, many with a twist of melancholy. Each one tells a story. You could market a book of your photos to writers - with each picture being story prompt.

Your photographs make the viewer ponder and ask questions.

Tom Parker said...

Cheryl -- I love it when people give me ideas to make money. Will pursue same with a nod toward your own generous and lovely talent not just as a writer but as a photographer as well. I'm deeply touched by your comment, especially today. Many many thanks.

cheryl said...

Also, another picture that always jumps out at me is the one of the fan on Day 32, and the books that day as well. Nice stuff. And I like the red leaf on snow - a sailboat it is.

cheryl said...

For an example, there's Monica Woods' "The Pocket Muse."

Your photos lend themselves to story; I think they'd be great in a book for writers.