Monday, November 30, 2009

Winter Solstice Project: Day 30


Anonymous said...

The shot of the pickup and the motel sign will, at some point, be used as a cover shot on a major label CD release; just my humble prediction.
mark in kc

Tom Parker said...

Does this mean I might finally earn enough money on photography to make ends meet? Woo-hoo!

Margaret said...

I recognize that moon -- its shape and its height in the sky; I see it some mornings out my kitchen windows.

Dede said...

Oh the button shot! Grandma's button box memories! It was so much fun to look and feel the fancy and not so fancy buttons she had saved. I have hers and my mothers now intermingled in a jar.

NE Kansas

Tom Parker said...

Dede -- The buttons were part of an extensive collection some lady brought to our historical society. She fashions jewelry out of buttons, and people could choose buttons for necklaces, ear rings, etc. I dropped by to retrieve my wife and ended up staying for a while, playing with buttons. Cool.