Thursday, March 19, 2009


Anonymous said...

This is really a nice, soft photo. Hopefully you will make it into a big picture that can be framed.


shoreacres said...

I'm just astonished. I've been by at least three times before this evening and looked at this photo.
Not until tonight did I see the bird perched on the handlebars.
Surely it was there, and not impishly added in the past week.

Or is it that spring is just coming to Kansas and popping up in unexpected places?

If it's been there all along, I'm truly amazed. I wonder what kept me from seeing it?

Tom Parker said...

Shoreacres -- Oh, it was there all along! Question: Did you click on the image to enlarge it? If so, the bird was much more obvious.
Hard to believe spring is here with all the snow, but it's melting fast and underneath it the grass is green.
Bluebirds everywhere, and our first chipping sparrow of the season.