Thursday, January 10, 2008

Robert Glenn Bennett (Photo courtesy of Judy Burkett)

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Clara said...


For those of us who were close to the unfolding of this story, in some ways this exposition is a little hard to take - and we aren't taking it without fresh tears.

However, for me and people like me who didn't have all of Bob's last communications, I find it easier to accept his death with this record.

I think it also gives a clear idea of the contributing factors which may have led to Bob's suicide and may actually help others who have such impulses, or who can now recognize impulses in family members or friends.

I thank Judy, Margarette and others who shared much personal information, particularly Bob's last communications. These are not "public" people but intensely private. Sharing has been an act of selflessness and courage.

I will think of Bob often and always remember him as a creative, funny, intelligent, open and courageous person.