Friday, July 28, 2006

Note on Morrowville Church story

While making another trip to the Terry Chapel and Mortuary in Waterville a few days ago I remarked to Lori that the old St. Monica's Catholic Church still looked deserted. It stood across the street from the chapel and had been auctioned off several years ago. Some guy from out of state bought it with the intent of using it as a hunting lodge.

The place reminded me of several articles I'd written about the demise of these rural churches, and I thought I ought to share them with my readers. The following story is the first of several such articles.

Rural America is passing away before our eyes.

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Anonymous said...

The churches and the history of Morrowville have been abused by those who like to blow about their knowledge of the past families of Morrowville without ever putting into the comunity any of the money going into the pockets from the sale of real estate in other communities.

The Methodist Church at Morrowville was a church that could have been saved by the community historians but that is not their purpose in life.

The restaurant at Morrowville has so much potential and the ladies who have so far kept the doors open must be lauded strong and clear throughout Washington County. I would landscape the property around the restaurant for free if someone would buy a few plants and redefine the entrance and steps into a more update entrance that accommodates the cane walkers, also.