Tuesday, December 06, 2005

New! Dispatches From Kansas the book

"Dispatches From Kansas" is now in book form!

The 364-page trade paperback contains 88 essays taken from my weekly newspaper column, "The Way Home." The book jacket says it best:

"Ex-urbanite Tom Parker's weekly newspaper column, 'The Way Home,' explores the natural world and rural Kansas and his place in it--an evolving process involving hit bugs, prescient store clerks, daredevil rodents, divine beetles, malevolent weather, failed quests, and the tribulations of living in a century-old house. Along the way he explains the true nature of women, the character of the months, and how sometimes not finding a sought-after bird can be better than finding it.

"Besides learning to see the little things of this world, readers follow Parker down the dark road into depression, and beyond."

Eileen Umbehr has this to say: "Tom Parker is one of those rare individuals who have the courage to share their deepest and most intimate thoughts. His weekly column is a window into his very heart and soul--a sometimes tormented but always triumphant soul. Whether he's writing about his wonderfully supportive wife of thirty years or his struggles with life's most heart-wrenching challenges, Tom's vivid depictions leave little to the imagination."

"Dispatches From Kansas" can be purchased directly from,, or from the author.

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