Sunset bison

Sunset bison

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

A new way of looking at digital imagery...


Le Grand Lapin said...

You're rockin' the textures, my friend. Nice work.

tom said...

Thanks, Bud. I've always wanted to do this but never had the time or the know-how. Exploring another avenue of photographic vision is exciting. I'm still waiting for a pedant to say "It isn't photography" but I'm sure the time will come.
And hey, you big bunny, it's the Year of the Rabbit! Woo-hoo!!!

Anonymous said...

but are you doing phtography or art? i look at most of your pictures as more art than journalism..

tom said...

Photography is art! The use of textures, when properly applied, blends photography with painting so that it becomes a little of both. Certainly it isn't journalism, or photojournalism, for in the news industry we rely on basically untouched photos. With "art" (and all that word implies), the skies the limit.
I wish I could explain it better but the coffee hasn't kicked in yet.

shoreacres said...

Of course, even the photojournalist uses his or her "eye" to select a subject, "crop in the camera", adjust the camera settings and so on.

There is an art to doing those things, despite the fact that the primary purpose is to record.

In the same way, a photographer may choose to use post-processing to diminish the distance between the real-world experience of a subject and what the camera has produced.

The implication that photography = journalism and art is something entirely other seems terribly limiting to me. Even the street photographers and other proponents of extreme realism acknowledge the artistic implications of choice of subject, perspective, etc.

And by the way - great images!

tom said...

Gee, Linda, you voiced what I wanted to and could not. Exactly right. Photojournalism at its most fundamental is as much art as Picasso. It's just a different medium.
I guess when I think of my own photojournalism the mundane images of mundane events filters through to mask the underlying importance of the images. But sometimes I nail it right, which is always a treat.
In art there are no limitations except self-imposed ones.

Anonymous said...

i was only trying to suggest that by using the texturing and other processes available now that your work is taking on more of a non-photo feel....more "artsy". i was in no way dissing your shooting..if fact i look forward to checking out your site for new stuff..i enjoy your "eye"..

tom said...

It's only a short stretch to the realm of digital painting, when a photograph is enhanced to resemble a painting. I think the effect is fascinating and as good as any painting through any medium. I've always wanted to paint (using real brushes, oils, a messy palette, etc.) and never found the time to learn.In the computer, using a Wacom tablet, it's becoming within my grasp.
So in many ways it does have a completely different look. I'm glad you like it.