Sunset bison

Sunset bison

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Vernal Equinox Project: Day 41


G said...

The first image of the house with snow and clouds has great texture contrasts and seems surreal. Is that taken with a fisheye and polarizer?

tom said...

Greg -- The clouds were pretty good today, yes indeedy. The shot was taken with a Nikon 14-24 mm lens which, unfortunately, will not accept polarizers. But it's an awesome lens. Thanks for noticing!

k said...

My, how I love these. (See yesterday's comment again! . . . and I still need a wide, wide angle piece of glass)

tom said...

A superwide lens is a joy to behold, and use. C'mon, k, sell some bulls and get some wide glass!

shoreacres said...

Ah, ha! You see, we non-photogs don't know about lenses and such, but that first photo is awesome.

I wondered why it looked different. In fact, I've got it all framed up to use on my Weather Underground page as a link to get folks over here. Everybody over there has cabin fever, so what better than a cabin to attract their attention?

tom said...

Linda -- A superwide has its own characteristic that even non-photographers can admire. It might be hard to believe but I was about 20 feet from the barn when I shot the image. Maybe 25 feet. But cabin fever on the Gulf Coast? Really? Us sun-starved denizens of NE Kansas could show you some serious cabin fever!

Anonymous said...

The house w/clouds using your wide angle lens, I think has been your best photo.


tom said...

Thank you, Chod.